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Total Medals Earned: 851 (From 201 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 11,070 Points


Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/390 points)

Jumping.. Jumping.. 5 Points

Acquire a pair of Power Boots.

Against All Odds 100 Points

Beat the game!

This Is Madness! 50 Points

Blast Caleb to death.

Blast 'Em Up! 25 Points

Acquire a Blaster.

Bazooookaaaaa..!! 50 Points

Acquire a Rocket Launcher.

Time Is Money! 10 Points

Acquire an Accelerator.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Artifacts Collector 100 Points

Acquire all artifacts.

Dash'n Knights

Medals Earned: 4/42 (25/485 points)

Combo Apprentice 5 Points

Hit 10 combos!

Damage Apprentice 5 Points

Hit 100 damages!

Perfect Damage 5 Points

Manage 3 consecutive damage!

Last Man Standing 10 Points

End a battle with only one member left in Extreme mode!

Counter Apprentice 5 Points

Do 10 counters!

Defense Apprentice 5 Points

Defend from 10 attacks!

Healer Apprentice 5 Points

Use potions to recover 100 HP!

Perfect Combo 5 Points

Execute 2 consecutive combos!

Perfect Counter 5 Points

Manage 2 consecutive counters!

Combo Master 10 Points

Hit 100 combos!

Combo Veteran 10 Points

Hit 50 combos!

Counter Master 10 Points

Do 100 counters!

Counter Veteran 10 Points

Do 50 counters!

Damage Master 10 Points

Hit 10000 damages!

Damage Veteran 10 Points

Hit 1000 damages!

Defense Master 10 Points

Defend from 100 attacks!

Defense Veteran 10 Points

Defend from 50 attacks!

Earth Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 earth damage!

Extravagant 10 Points

Spend 1000 or more gold!

Fire Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 fire damage!

Healer Master 10 Points

Use potions to recover 5000 HP!

Healer Veteran 10 Points

Use potions to recover 1000 HP!

Hyper Combo 10 Points

Execute 4 consecutive combos!

Hyper Counter 10 Points

Manage 3 consecutive counters!

Hyper Damage 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive damage!

Hyper Overkill 10 Points

Manage 3 consecutive overkills!

No Damage 10 Points

Finish a battle without taking any damage in Extreme mode!

Overkill Apprentice 10 Points

Overkill with 50 damage!

Overkill Master 10 Points

Overkill with 1000 damage!

Overkill Veteran 10 Points

Overkill with 500 damage!

Overwhelming 10 Points

Finish a battle in only one turn in Extreme mode!

Perfect Overkill 10 Points

Manage 2 consecutive overkills!

Rich Man 10 Points

Have 5000 or more gold!

Special Combo 10 Points

Execute 6 consecutive combos!

Special Counter 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive counters!

Special Damage 10 Points

Manage 5 consecutive damage!

Special Overkill 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive overkills!

Treasure Hunter 10 Points

Collect 1000 gold!

Water Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 water damage!

Wind Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 wind damage!

Complete Game 25 Points

Finish the campaign!

Perfect Game 100 Points

Finish the campaign with all challenges cleared!

Days Of Blood

Medals Earned: 2/21 (10/460 points)

First Blood 5 Points

Kill your first enemy!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Angry Knight 5 Points

Kill 100 enemies

Awkward Moment 5 Points

Die without killing anyone... awkward...

Flying death 5 Points

Kill 10 enemies throwing your sword!

Shield Trash 5 Points

Kill 10 Enemies using your shield

Dead from above 10 Points

Kill 30 enemies throwing your sword!

Furious Knight 10 Points

Kill 200 Enemies

Patient Player 10 Points

Watch all the intro of the game without skipping it.

Shield Rage 10 Points

Kill 25 Enemies using your shield

Vicious Knight 10 Points

Kill 300 Enemies

Boom! Who's your daddy? 25 Points

Kill 80 Enemies using your shield

Killer 25 Points

Kill 400 Enemies

Medieval Sniper 25 Points

Kill 50 enemies throwing your sword!

My Shield Is My Weapon 25 Points

Kill 99 Enemies using your shield!

Shield Time Baby! 25 Points

Kill 50 Enemies using your shield

Blood for Dinner 50 Points

Kill 500 Enemies

Epic 50 Points

Kill all 666 enemies without dying.

Live To Kill 50 Points

Kill 600 Enemies! Haggr!

Ultimate Killing Machine 100 Points

Kill Everyone!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Dead Detention #1

Medals Earned: 4/5 (20/70 points)

Brainz 5 Points

Kill a zombie.

Fire Starter 5 Points

Finish the episode.

Meet Naomi 5 Points

Fend off the Zombie and meet Naomi.

Wake Up 5 Points

Wake Up

Golden Astronaut 50 Points

Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Dead Pixel

Medals Earned: 1/1 (50/50 points)

Clean monitor 50 Points

Complete the game

Devilish Differences

Medals Earned: 3/7 (15/125 points)

Discovery! 5 Points

Find your First Difference between the two pictures

I'm so lost... 5 Points

Use the hint button

Level Complete! 5 Points

Finish level1

Getting there. 10 Points

Finish 3 levels

Super Skills! 25 Points

Score over 900 points on a level

You made it! 25 Points

Complete the game.

Differences Master! 50 Points

Score over 4500 points total.

DigiWoog Disaster (Woogi)

Medals Earned: 7/9 (105/160 points)

Quick Study 5 Points

Watch the whole opening scene

Ban Hammer 10 Points

Save Cindy from her intruder

Book Protector 10 Points

Help Wally Woog with his library

Coin Counter 10 Points

Complete a task for Mr. Wigwatts

Jetpacker 10 Points

Recover the complete jetpack

DigiWoog Hero 50 Points

Beat the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Who's There 5 Points

Hear everyone's voicemail message in the same session

Stunt Flier 50 Points

Beat the jetpack minigame on a more difficult route

Dino Shift 2

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/145 points)

You're a Star 5 Points

Obtain a 3 Star rating on any level.

Creative 5 Points

Create and save a level in the Editor.

The Floor is Lava 10 Points

Jump on 3 Knobs in a row without touching the ground.

The End 25 Points

Complete every level.

Perfection 100 Points

Obtain a 3 Star rating on every level.

Do You Know Flash Games?

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/245 points)

Good start! 5 Points

Answer the first question

Deposit 5 Points

Earn at least 200 000 points in one game

Millionaire! 10 Points

Answer 15 questions in one Classic mode game

Expert 25 Points

Answer 100 different questions

Extreme millionaire 25 Points

Win a million without using the hints or switching away from the game

Winner! 25 Points

Successfully complete Marathon mode

Champion! 50 Points

Successfully finish the game in Time Trial mode

All you awards are belong to you! 100 Points

Earn all the 32 in-game achievements

Driver's Ed

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/205 points)

Fast Food 5 Points

Start the food.

Fast Food: Fail 5 Points

Failed this too?

Failed! 5 Points

Realy? You suck!

Free Mode 5 Points

Found it didn't you?

Half Done 25 Points

Half done?

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!